Srl No Date Title Download
1 07/07/2019 Opinion on Information Security Policy (Draft) and Amendment on e-gp Guideline-2011 (Draft)
2 23/06/2019 Schedule of Basic Procurement Training (3-Week) of CPTU for the month of July 2019
3 01/04/2019 Gantt Chart from april to june, 2019 on 3 Week Procurement Manegement Training Programm
4 10/03/2019 3 Week Training Programm on Procurement Manegement (march-april, 2019)
5 23/12/2018 Cancellation of REOI for Bangladesh e-GP system Enhancement, Operation and Maintenance (EOM)
6 18/12/2018 REOI for Consultancy Service of e-GP system of Bangladesh Enhancement Operation and Maintenance
7 13/11/2018 3 Week Training Programm on Procurement Manegement (for November-December-2018)
8 07/11/2018 3 Days PE (Procuring Entity) User Training on e-GP Schedule-2018
9 22/02/2018 Post Procurement Review Consultant Appointmet under Revenue Budget
10 18/02/2018 3-week Public Procurement Training Schedule on goods, works and services for the class 1 government officials