Message of the Secretary




I am extremely happy to know that CPTU has developed and launched a dynamic and interactive website to cater to the needs of information in the digital domain of public procurement in the country. Information communication technology has in the recent times witnessed a robust growth. For information people are increasingly depending on websites of both public and private organizations.

CPTU as a nodal unit of public procurement needs a very dedicated and global standard website that should be a big repository of all information relating to public procurement. I believe the new website is capable of fulfilling all such requirements in terms of capacity, quality and contents.       

The entire world in this age of technology has turned into a global village. Therefore, the website needs to connect with all majors sites of government and the international platforms of public procurement. Research and development work in our public procurement area has become urgent and the CPTU website can serve the purpose by providing various information.

I   am very optimistic that CPTU will continue to update the website with latest and relevant information.

I wish it a success.