Title : Workshop in Barishal on citizen engagement
Description :

On February 24, 2020 a workshop on citizen engagement in public procurement was arranged by the CPTU and BIGD at the Barishal Circuit House auditorium. Secretary, IMED, Mr. Abul Mansur Md Faizullah, ndc, was present as the chief guest.

Suggestions received during Group Presentation are as follows:

Civil Society:

  • Necessary legal modifications for wider citizen participation
  • Creating project proposals by including citizens
  • Formation of committee and giving primary project approval should be done in the collective presence of both men and women.
  • Giving special priority to the opinion of community
  • Elected representatives should not interfere unnecessarily

Citizen Monitoring group:

  • Local reputed personnel should be part of the group.
  • The number of group members should be increased.
  • Everyone can carry their identification document
  • Inclusion of citizen monitoring group in procurement by tenderers
  • Group members should be chosen after proper verification
  • Continuation of group model

Government Officials:

  • Providing allowance to citizen group members
  • Implementation of definite guideline to guide the citizen engagement activities
  • Taking steps to provide training regarding construction work is necessary
  • Significant knowledge on engineering and construction work is needed
  • Transparency and accountability should be there in the activities carried out by the citizens


  • Appointing qualified and experienced people such as retired engineers to work on construction.
  • Elected representatives should not be part of the monitoring group
  • DPP should be realistically drafted so that it takes all the real life problems into consideration
  • Prevention of stealing of goods and equipment.
Publication Date : 25/02/2020