Invitation for Tender (Single Lot)    Status:Approved


Ministry/Division : : Ministry of Housing and Public Works
Agency : : Public Works Department (PWD)
Procuring Entity Name : : Executive Engineer PWD Division, Kushtia.
Procuring Entity Code : :
Procuring Entity District : : Kushtia
Invitation For : Works
Invitation Reference No : Add. Chief Eng. PWD Khulna Zone, memo-731
Date : 05/07/2018


Procurement Method : NCT Open Tendering Method


Budget and Source of Funds : : Development Budget GOB
Development Partner :


Project/Programme Code :
Project/Programme Name :
Tender Package No : 1
Tender Package Name : Construction of Civil Surgeon Office Building one at Kushtia 4 storied Building with 6 Storied foundation.
Tender Publication Date : 08/07/2018
Tender Last Selling Date : 05/08/2018
Tender Closing Date and Time : 06/08/2018 12:00 PM
Tender Opening Date and Time : 06/08/2018 12:30 PM
Office Address Information
Selling Tender Document (Principal) Online
Receiving Tender Document online
Opening Tender Document online
Selling Tender Document (Others)
Place/Date/Time of Tender Meeting (Optional) : Place :    Date: 05/07/2018    Time: 08:00 PM


Eligibility of Tenderer : : This invitation for Tender is open for all eligible Tenderers as mentioned below: (a) The minimum number of years of general experience of the Tenderer in Construction Works as Prime Contractor shall be 10 (Ten) years. (b) The minimum specific experience as a Prime Contractor of at least 1 (One) Contract of 1 (one) Building Construction with pre-cast pile foundation completed within the last 5 (Five) years in Government/ Semi-Government/ Autonomous Organization of Bangladesh, of a value of at least Tk 350.00 (Three Hundred Fifty) Lac. (i) In case of the work done under PWD, the certifying and authenticating authority shall be the concerned Executive Engineer, under whom the work has been executed.(ii) In case of the work done under any Government/ Semi Government/ Autonomous Bodies/ Organization other than PWD, the certifying authority shall be an officer not below the rank of Executive Engineer. (c) The required average annual construction turnover shall be greater than Tk.400.00 (Four Hundred) Lac over the last 5(Five) years in Government/Semi-Government/ Autonomous Organization of Bangladesh. (d) The minimum amount of free fund (liquid assets) i.e working capitals or Credit facilities of the Tenderer shall be Tk 95.00 (Ninety Five) Lac. Document of Liquid Assets submitted along with the tender must be issued in between publication date and submission date of the tender. Certificate of Liquid Asset must be in the form of letter of commitment of Bank for line of credit to the Tenderer in favour of the work in the form PW3-7, otherwise the tender will be summarily rejected. (e) The Tenderer must have up-to-date ABC Electric License and Electric Supervisory License of his own. (f) The Tenderer must have up-to-date Income Tax Clearance Certificate and VAT Registration Certificate. (g) The minimum Tender Capacity of the Tenderer shall be 420.00 (Four hundred Twenty) Lac. (h) In case of JVC leading party must 40% and other party not less than 25%.
Brief Description of Goods or Works : : Construction of Civil Surgeon Office at Kushtia (4-storied Building with 6-storied foundation).
Brief Description of Related Services : :
Tender Document Price : : 4000
Tender Lot Information
Lot No Identification Location Security Amount Completion Time in Weeks/Months
1 211369 Kushtia 1500000.00 24 Months


Name of Official Inviting Tender : : AZM Shafiul Hannan
Designation of Official Inviting Tender : : Executive Engineer
Address of Official Inviting Tender : : Executive Engineers Office, PWD Division, Kushtia.
Contact Details of Official Inviting Tender : : Phone: 071-62470 , Fax: , Email:
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders