Invitation for Request for Expressions of Interest    Status:Approved


Ministry/Division : Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Agency : Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)
Procuring Entity Name : Line Director, Non-Communicable Disease Control Program
Procuring Entity Code : NA
Procuring Entity District : Dhaka
Expression of Interest for Selection of : Consulting Firm (National)  (Time-Based)
Title Of Service : On DNA based screening for cervical cancar vs VIA based screening in rural community in Bangladesh Survey sctivities of Non-Communicable Disease Control through DGHS for The Year 2023-24
EOI Ref. No. : GOB SD-017
Date : 01/12/2023


Procurement Sub-Method : Quality and Cost Based Selection(QCBS)


Budget and Source of Funds : Non_Development GOB
Development Partners : NA


Project/Programme Name : Non-Communicable Disease Control Program 4th HPNSP
EOI Closing Date and Time : 14/12/2023 12.00 Pm
Publication Date : 07/12/2023


Brief Description of Assignment : The Selected bidder the Contractor/Research Organization /institution(s) Cervical cancer poses a significant health threat to women , paricutlarly in resource -limited setting such as rual communities in BD. Traditional screening methods like Visual inspectoin with Acetic Acid (VIA ) have been widely used , but emerging DNA -Based screening techniques, particularyly Human papillonmvirus (HPV) testing, present promising allematives . This project aims to comprehensively explore and compare the effectiveness , feasibiliy, and community imect of DNA-Based screeningaginst VIA in rual BD.
Experience, Resources and Delivery Capacity Required : The Applicant shall have to submit the EOI with the folllowing documents 1. Category of the firm, Research/survey/ Project Implementation orgaization/Consulting firm/Local or international NGO/ 2/ Bridf description of the firm with proof of working in the relevant areas including expenience with digital health Platform for last 8 years and of Conducing Research/survey or implementing project, 3. Valid Trade License/Registraiont, 4. Upated income Tax Certificate/Certificate of VAT , 5. 06 years experience in the relevant survey /research /project implementation, 6. list of major clients working with in last ten years with contact reference 7. Bank solvency certificate with sufficient fund / 8. Name of the central key personnel with C.V , who will be involved with the assignment. 9. Relevant documents in favor of organizational strenght of the firm
Other Details (if applicable) :
Association with foreign firms is : Not Applicable
Eoi Detail Information
Ref No Phasing Of Services Location Start Date Completion Date
GO-SD-17 NA dhaka NA NA


Name of Official Inviting EOI : Prof. Dr. Mohammad Robed Amin
Designation of Official Inviting EOI : Line Director, Non-Communicable Disease Control Program
Address of Official Inviting EOI : Line Director, Non-Communicable Disease Control Program
Contact details of Official Inviting EOI : Phone : +880-2-48814114, Fax : , Email :
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders