Invitation for Request for Expressions of Interest    Status:Approved


Ministry/Division : Prime Minister's Office
Agency : Public Private Partnarship (PPP) Office
Procuring Entity Name : Public Private Partnership (PPP) Authority
Procuring Entity Code :
Procuring Entity District : Dhaka
Expression of Interest for Selection of : Consulting Firm (International)  (Time-Based)
Title Of Service : Procurement of Consultancy Services for provision of PPP Transaction Advisory Services for Detailed Business Case Model for Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of Bay Terminal Project under CPA
EOI Ref. No. : 03.11.0000.858.01.004.21-1261
Date : 12/10/2021


Procurement Sub-Method : Quality and Cost Based Selection(QCBS)


Budget and Source of Funds : Non_Development GOB
Development Partners :


Project/Programme Name :
EOI Closing Date and Time : 11/11/2021 12:30 PM
Publication Date : 13/10/2021


Brief Description of Assignment : Scope of the consulting service includes: (a) Assist the government in delivering, designing and implementing the project on the basis of PPP structure. (b) Develop Business Case for the project (c) Complete the Project Risk Assessment (d) Structure the project, develop a commercial model, assist in the bidding process, transaction and award of the project in a manner which ensures: • Participation of the best available private sector participantion in the bidding process. • Wide participation by credible and experienced international investors and port operators for the relevant components • Selecting/ preparing best mode to assess the shortlisted investors • Financing of the capital cost by the concessionaire; and • Optimizing the revenue potential of the project (One option can be with a regionally competitive port tariff structure) (e) Prepare the Heads of Terms of the Concession Agreement and support during the negotiation with investors. Detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) is available in official website of PPP Authority (
Experience, Resources and Delivery Capacity Required : 1. The firm (in case of JV, at least one member) should have minimum 10 years’ total experience in similar nature of advisory services. 2. The firm or Member of JV must have experience in working with government bodies/ agencies; experience of working in Bangladesh with any government bodies or agencies/ autonomous bodies will be given preference. 3. The firm or any Member of the JV must have experience of conducting at least 3 similar works within last 10 years. 4. Must have required skilled professionals having minimum Masters and Graduate degree in relavent fields and have practical working experience in similar assignments. 5. The average annual turnover of the firm/ JV should be USD 5 million or equivalent BDT at a minimum in the immediate last 3 (three) fiscal years. 6. Minimum Net Worth of firm/ JV should not be less than USD 5 Million. Audited financial statements must be provided in support of minimum net worth requirement. In case the minimum net worth can not be met by the firm/s, they need to provide a document as a proof of Bank Solvency Certificate from an internationally/ locally recognized schedule bank. 7. At least one experience of equivalent USD 250 thousand (or in equvalent Bangladesh Taka) or more in a single contract or assignment.
Other Details (if applicable) : 1 (One) original copy along with 1 (One) duplicate copy must be submitted in person/ by courier before the EOI submission date and time as mentioned in the EOI with soft copy in Pendrive suitable for electronic reproduction in both PDF and word format. The original copy shall be marked “ORIGINAL”. (A) Interested firms are requested to submit EOI before the EOI closing date & time. Any proposal submitted later than the specified date and time shall be rejected. (B) Interested firm must include the following information and supporting papers: (i) Name of firm/ company, contract address (including postal address, Telephone & Fax no and e-mail address) (ii) Date of Registration & establishment (enclosed certificate in favor of this). (iii) Updated Trade License, Tax clearance certificate and VAT registration certificate, as applicable. (iv) Signed JV Agreement in case of more than one firm. (v) Letter of Association (LoA) in case of Sub-Consultancy (vi) Audited Balance Sheet for immediate last 3 Fiscal Years (vii) Company Brochure/s (viii) Relevant working experience (enclose valid supporting documents). (ix) Proposal shall be in letterhead pad of the firm/company or in case of JV, of the lead member. (x) All documents shall be initialed by the authorized representative from the firm or in case of JV, by the lead member. Letter of Authorization shall be enclosed. (C) A Check List of submitted document with page number (seriality in every page) must be enclosed with the proposal. Asssociation wth local/foreign firms is applicable to the following : (A) Interested firms may associate with other firms (local of foreign) to enhance their qualification but should mention whether the association is in the form of “Joint Venture” or “Sub-Consultency” (B) In case of Joint Venture,Lead Partner should have the experience of working in similar work in a single contract completed over a period of last 10 (ten) years. (C) In addition to the above the JV shall have to comply with the experience mentioned in “ Qualification and Experience “ collectively. (D) The lead partner shall not authorize any other partner to sign the proposal document/ contract document.
Association with foreign firms is : Encouraged
Eoi Detail Information
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Name of Official Inviting EOI : Md. Abul Bashar
Designation of Official Inviting EOI : Director General (Administration and Finance), PPP Authority
Address of Official Inviting EOI : PPP Authority, Plot: E-13B (1st Floor), Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207.
Contact details of Official Inviting EOI : Phone : 55007421, Fax : 55007422, Email :
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders