Invitation for Request for Expressions of Interest    Status:Approved


Ministry/Division : Ministry of Energy, Power and Minearal Resources
Agency : West Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd (WZPDCL)
Procuring Entity Name : Extension and Augmentation of Power Distribution System Project, WZPDCL, Khulna.
Procuring Entity Code : N/A
Procuring Entity District : Khulna
Expression of Interest for Selection of : Consulting Firm (National)  (Lump-Sump)
Title Of Service : Consultancy Services for Construction of 4 (Four) Storied Rest House Complex at WZPDCL Head Quarter Campus, Biddyut Bhaban, Khulna.
EOI Ref. No. : 27.22.4785.900. Dated: 01.06.2020
Date : 01/06/2020


Procurement Sub-Method : Quality and Cost Based Selection(QCBS)


Budget and Source of Funds : Development Budget GOB
Development Partners : N/A


Project/Programme Name :
EOI Closing Date and Time : 18/06/2020 14.00
Publication Date : 05/06/2020


Brief Description of Assignment : West Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd. (WZPDCL) authority intends to construct a 04 (Four) Storied Rest House Complex with Relevant Ancillary Facilities & Private Compound at WZPDCL Head Quarter Campus, Khulna to uphold the prestige, image and dignity of the company in a most befitting manner at home and abroad. a) Detailed Masterplan Layout for both Existing & Proposed Site Condition, Contour Mapping with RL data, Soil Test Report based on Topographic Survey and Geotechnical Sub-Soil Investigation. b) Preparing a Report on identifying and managing risks to initiate correc-tive action where necessary, so that maximum benefit to the project can be achieved. c) Detailed Architectural Design Featured by Green Building Concept as well as Eco- Friendly, Vernacular, Biophilic Design Concept. d) Detail drawings of Architectural Plan, Elevation & Sectional views of 04 (four) Storied Rest House Building with various Accessways (walkway, driveway & ramp) including Landscape Design, such as- Multi-Purpose Play Court, Current Lean Aquatic body, Micro-Climate featured Garden, Sur-faced/Shaded Parking lot etc. e) The 04 (four) storied Rest House Building will be majorly comple-mented by General & VIP categorized Guest Rooms. Total Floor Area of Guest Rooms will not be less than 55% of Total Floor Area of the whole Building. Other relevant service areas, such as- Dining, Multi-Purpose Indoor Activity Room, Health Care, Conference Room, Driver's Waiting room, Staff Accommodation Zone etc. will be attuned to the Building. Maximum Ground Coverage (eg. Building Foot Print, Driveway, Playground, Platform/Plaza etc.) Will not exceed 65% of Total Project Site Area. f) Necessary Structural Drawings for Construction of a 04 (four) Storied Building with Foundation following BNBC-2006 (gazette), KDA Standard with adequate safety measures for wildlife & nature conservation and other 'NOC' issuing agencies as well. g) Design & Drawings for Modern Electro-Mechanical devices with Electri-fication works including Lift, HVAC installation, CCTV, Networking, Acous-tical & Fire Fighting System. h) Design & Drawings for Sewerage Systems, Water Supply, Sanitary, Plumbing works, Surfaced/Covered Drain & Gas Connection works. i) Detailed Building Interior, Exterior & Landscape Design with sufficient Signage & Intelligent Electrical Lighting. system with Modern Sensors. j) Preparation of detailed Estimate, Tender documents & Bill of Quantities, selection of contractor and full time supervision of Construction of a 04 (four) Storied Rest House Complex throughout the Construction Period and Defect Liability Period, etc.
Experience, Resources and Delivery Capacity Required : The WZPDCL invites expressions of interest (EOI) from eligible consultants (Local Consulting Firm) to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants musit provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar condition, availability of the appropriate skills among staff, etc). Intending firms have to submit the following documents along with EOI. a) Name of the firm with corresponding address. b) Date of establishment of the firm with the proper document. c) Brochure summarizing their facilities, areas of the expertise and general information including legal documents. d) Availability of appropriate experience and professional qualifications among applicant's staff and resources to carry out the assignment. e) Educational qualification certificate should be attached with signed CV. f) The Firm shall have income Tax certificate, VAT Registration certificate, TIN certificate and other relevant certificate. g) The experience certificate of consulting services shall have to be issued by the officer not below the rank of executive engineer of the concerned department/ organization. h) Demonstrated technical & financial capacity to handle such assignment. i) Consultant have to Submit at least 01 (one) nos. of 04 (four) or higher storied Rest House building of minimum floor area of 1000 sqm in total along with 500 sqm of landscape design from any Government/ Autonomous organization within last 10 years from the date of EOI opening with consultancy fee at least BDT 15 lakh and project cost at least BDT 05 crore supported by performance certificate. Any other additional submission of completed Project/Projects with accommodation related facilities (eg. Hostel, Hotel, Dormitory etc.) will be measured as an extra credit in the evaluation. j) All submission contained of color/monochrome printed Design & Drawings will be on A2 sized paper. k) Administrative strength logistics and financial capability (Audited Financial Statement of FY:2016-2017,2017-2018 & 2018-2019). Consultants will be short-listed following the procedure indicated in the Public Procurement Rules, 2008 (PPR-2008).
Other Details (if applicable) : 01 (one) original & 01 (One) copies of Expression of Interest in sealed envelopes shall be submitted on or before the specified date and address. The proposals will be opened 18.06.2020 at 14:30 (BST) in presence of the representatives of the consulting firms at the Office of the Project Director,Extension and Augmentation of Power Distribution System Project, WZPDCL, Khulna. Any EOI submitted after closing time and date or submitted through telex / fax / mail / courier shall not be entertained.
Association with foreign firms is : Not Applicable
Eoi Detail Information
Ref No Phasing Of Services Location Start Date Completion Date
27.22.4785.900.50.002.20/223 N/A Khulna 01/08/2020 30/04/2021


Name of Official Inviting EOI : Md.Shafiqul Islam.
Designation of Official Inviting EOI : Project Director (Superintending Engineer).
Address of Official Inviting EOI : Extension and Augmentation Power Distribution System Project,Biddyut Bhaban Campus, Boyra Main Road, WZPDCL, Khulna.
Contact details of Official Inviting EOI : Phone : 041-731789, Fax : 041-731786, Email :
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders