Invitation for Tender (Single Lot)    Status:Approved


Ministry/Division : : Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Agency : : Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)
Procuring Entity Name : : Superintendent, 250 Bed Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra
Procuring Entity Code : :
Procuring Entity District : : Bogura
Invitation For : Goods
Invitation Reference No : MAH/Bogra/2018/5241
Date : 08/07/2018


Procurement Method : NCT Open Tendering Method


Budget and Source of Funds : : Non_Development GOB
Development Partner :


Project/Programme Code :
Project/Programme Name :
Tender Package No : 01
Tender Package Name : Medical Instrument & Other Equipments
Tender Publication Date : 10/07/2018
Tender Last Selling Date : 11/08/2018
Tender Closing Date and Time : 14/08/2018 12:00 AM
Tender Opening Date and Time : 14/08/2018 12:30 PM
Office Address Information
Selling Tender Document (Principal) Accountant, 250 Bed Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra
Receiving Tender Document Office of the Superintendent, 250 Bed Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra
Opening Tender Document Office of the Superintendent, 250 Bed Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra
Selling Tender Document (Others)
Place/Date/Time of Tender Meeting (Optional) : Place : Office of the Superintendent, 250 Bed Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra    Date: 29/01/2018    Time: 12:00 PM


Eligibility of Tenderer : : " a) Trade License (Updated). b) Vat Registration Certificate & upto date Income Taxes Clearance eTIN Certificate. c) The tenderer shall be a Manufacturer / Importers / Suppliers / Distributors. d) Bank Solvency Certificate & bank statement (Original Copy). Bank statement & solvency certificate must be issued by the same bank. e) Experience certificate for 02 years of similar supply. f) The bidder must provide manufacturer authorization letter or authorization from the sole distributor (Distributor must be authorized by the manufacture to issue such authorization letter) of the particular item (which ever applicable). g) The tenderer must mention the source of each item with manufactures name and country of origin. Country of origin and model number must be printed on the Instrument & Equipments in indelible ink / embossed / engraved. Temporary sticker will not be accepted. h) The tenderer must submit original catalogue / brochures in duplicate. i) Membership certificate of chamber of commerce and industries of any other register commerce organization with mentioning of registration number of their own letter head pad. j) Name & Addresses of user institute of same electro-medical equipment must be submitted. k) ISO/CE/FDA certificate of the Instrument & Equipments to be ensured where applicable. l) The tenderer must be provided information regarding. i) The availability of after sales service facilities in Bangladesh. ii) The avaliability of spare parts for the equipment supplied. m) Other details condition including in the schedule. n) Warranty period 01 years. o) In cause of delay of supply goods LD will be applicable as per PPR 2008."
Brief Description of Goods or Works : : Described in tender document.
Brief Description of Related Services : : N/A
Tender Document Price : : 2000
Tender Lot Information
Lot No Identification Location Security Amount Completion Time in Weeks/Months
1 Described in tender document. 250 Bed Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra. 0.0


Name of Official Inviting Tender : : Dr. ATM Nuruzzaman
Designation of Official Inviting Tender : : Superintendent
Address of Official Inviting Tender : : 250 Bed Mohammad Ali Hospital, Bogra.
Contact Details of Official Inviting Tender : : Phone: 05163633 , Fax: 05163633, Email:
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all tenders